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Hello, World

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Hi there, I don't know how you've got here, but welcome. Feel free to stick around. Unfortunately there is not much I can offer (it is titled as "Hello, World" isn't it). I am - or used to be - a pretty happy, joyful person, but for some annoying reason I discovered programming and fell in love with it.. It was fine for the first couple of years to be honest with you friend, but nowadays the work/corporate environment sucks out the joy, the challenge and - given my mood lately - my soul as well. For a time I was looking into how to actually entertain myself, did I make a wrong decision? Was that all lies I was fed in the beginning, that programming is cool and interesting?

A new hope...

I was not, in fact it is one of the most interesting things I've ever came across (except humans, but that is a different story on its own) and it still is. You see the thing is, that we - programmers - are artists of our own, not only at making people run away from us, but given a PC we can tell stories, create art either in words, picture or code, yet we still fall unappreciated by society, friends or relatives.

If, you are like me, most of the time grumpy, angry, pounding Slipknot and what not, then I think we might have something in common my friend and brother...

And to prove that I am in fact a nice guy, I present you a little cute fluffy ball I've found today :)

Reddit Delivers (I am not the OP, I just found it on reddit :P)

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