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Y, tho?

I'ts just one of those days..

It's just one of those days, when you don't wanna wake up, everything is fucked, everybody sucks....

I've had one of those days... Today, oh boy was I surprised today. Before I woke up it was pretty much the same as any other day, if I didn't had this awful headache, like someone was trying to stick a baby inside my head through my forehead while using a pair of rusty scissors to claw my eyes out of their sockets...

Yep.. but that was not the worst, after I popped 1 regular [headache pill brand here], some fresh air and a couple of cigars later I was like anew and then... work kicked in and being the little good programmer that I am, I was neck-deep in crap by lunch time, conversation after another, some more pleasant than others - I've went by to finish some of the tasks I've had and it was time to test - god I hate this part, sometimes I wish we ware able to scream @ the monitors and software to just build itself..

A man can dream, eh?

I remember seeing a small change in one of the (many) Slack channels a minor change that made me.... sad.... actually, I didn't thought this is where I was going but I was sad. Nothing major, nothing too important but made me think about stuff. I remember about 3-4 years ago while I was doing my Higher Nationals in CS they ware teaching us about pointless things Feasibility Analysis and the such, even - huh - made us write those.

As I said it was about allowing access to a certain functionality that can be summarized as simple as updating a text field, but the thing is we had some other requirements that excluded some parts and (already) tomorrow we have a deadline.. I know what you are thinking

You dodged a bullet there it is just a text field

I hear ya, but imagine if it wasn't this came from the top. What if that thing was actually a logical part that we depended on for the last couple of weeks to only have it scraped today and possibly getting us @ square 1. Why can't business people think a wee bit more before making requirements we could've nailed it from day 1 and forget about it... Who knows.. Maybe it is a trait that makes you a good at it and earns you the title "Business Dude"

But this is not whats important, it was just one of those days...

22/05/2018 @ 03:47am

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